La training represents one indispensable tool for companies, to create new culture and to sustain stable growth over the long term.
A very specific training provides tools to meet a need on a problem identified but, almost always, it is difficult to replicate when the reference scenario evolves; a training that to techniques alongside practices consolidated with experience, allows you to adapt the knowledge acquired as your needs change.
For this Synergetica Consulting, in training activities, favors the consolidation of a wealth of experience, supporting the knowledge of the rules la awareness ed practical implementation argument.

In particular, referring to data protection, the "creation of culture" is perfectly in line with the new setting of the GDPR EU Regulation; The new legislation, in fact, introduces an innovative conceptual scenario by requiring companies to provide rules and tools that protect personal data from the design of any project: data protection by design and by default. Each project, therefore, will have to prevent more than correct, considering in its requirements the protection of personal data to ensure their safety.

Not just undergoing data protection but being actors creating value!

The main objective of all our training activities is to identify issues and areas of intervention that are related to the company's goals and its critical success factors.
We have "lived" and contributed to the successes of large multinational companies and autonomous entrepreneurial activities so we know how to achieve what companies need.
CEO, security manager, ICT manager, process manager, auditor, sales & marketing manager, management consultants they represent ours Partner network: we know, therefore, to identify where to intervene to enhance the "Company System".
We are ready to support our customers in identifying their needs, planning interventions, training on the job, evaluating the performance and results achieved.

What we offer

Each of our intervention is designed and built on the needs identified or manifested.

Our interventions, which can have both an informative and training profile, can mainly concern:

  • Training for holders
  • Responsible training
  • Distributor Training
  • Training for DPO
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Information stages
  • Legislative Training (196 / 2003 Law Privacy Code, GDPR EU Regulation)
  • Measures to protect personal data
  • "By design" and "by default" innovation
  • Security Governance
  • Security Management
  • IT Security
  • Technical Security Analysis

Sinergetica Consulting is able to design and implement information and training interventions on all the topics for which it offers its support (see Compliance)

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