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The functioning of a company depends more and more on data which represent an objective strategic value.

New technologies "feed" upon more and more information to expand market shares or to simplify people's lives.
On the other hand, the widespread use of the Internet introduces a complexity in the management of personal data, further increased by the growing threats that are becoming increasingly insidious and destructive. The data which concern the people (customers, citizens, employees) represent themore delicate asset treated by a company and since they deal with the rights and freedoms of individuals, they are protected by law.
The protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, namely the right to protect personal data, must adapt to the technological evolution.
The European Union has adopted a "Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data - 2016 / 679 - GDPR"which has been published in the Official Journal of the EU on May 4th 2016.
In all EU Member States, anyone with personal data has had a two-year transition period to adapt.
Similarly for anyone who sells products or services to European customers from non-EU countries. The transition period started the 25 May 2016.
La The compliance to the Rules, it has therefore become an obligation starting from 25 May 2018and protection of those who process personal data from severe penalties and can also constitute, for the most reactive companies, a competitive head start with positive impact on profits and on their brand.
Many companies have adapted, taking advantage of this competitive advantage, but many have done little or nothing.
Synergetica Consulting it will be at their side to advise and direct them: they will save time and money with careful analysis, using the PRIMO ® framework developed with the experience gained by our experts in these early years. Entrust us with the security of your company!

What we offer

To respond in a timely and "pragmatic" way to the previous points, Sinergetica Consulting has developed an offer that includes the main activities summarized here:

1 - Protection of strategic data

  • Data Classification
  • Risk Assessment
  • BIA (Business Impact Assessment)
  • AS-IS Evaluation: Gap Analysis
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Remediation Plan
  • Monitoring

2 - Protection of personal data

2.1 Design and implementation of the personal data protection system

  • Preliminary check analysis (PCA)
  • Preliminary Report with exposure diagnosis: compared to Legislative Decree. 196 / 2003 in the 2 years of transition - compared to GDPR
  • Personal Data Classification
  • Data protection Impact Analysis
  • Data protection Risk Assessment
  • AS-IS Evaluation: Gap Analysis
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Remediation Plan
  • Monitoring

2.2 Function Data Protection Officer (DPO) for companies, public administrations and trade associations

  • Evaluation of the personal data protection system
  • Verification of compliance with the training obligations deriving from the European regulation
  • Verification of the implementation and application of the European Regulation, with particular regard to the requirements concerning the protection of personal data as of their design (data protection by design), the default protection of data and systems (data protection by default), data security, the response to the requests of the interested parties to exercise the rights recognized by the same Regulation
  • Preservation of documentation relating to the processing carried out by the holder
  • Monitoring and monitoring of documentation
  • Notification and communication of violations of personal data (Data Breach)
  • Monitoring of the impact assessment on data protection and any request for authorization and / or prior consultation of the Guarantor in the foreseen cases
  • Contact Point for the Guarantor for the protection of personal data
  • Verification of the process of response to the requests of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data
  • Cooperation with the Guarantor and the Supervisory Authorities (GdF)
  • Focal Point and coordination for all the activities that make up the personal data protection management system

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